Sustainability at Boyde's Crossing

By definition, pocket neighborhoods tend to be green communities. According to the popular sustainability website, "green communities naturally connect neighbors, re-think travel by decreasing reliance on cars, and encourage buying, growing and eating local."

Pocket neighborhoods are also environmentally friendly due to consuming less land and having a smaller carbon footprint, and provide homes that require much less maintenance.

Boyde’s Crossing will include myriad green components, including:


  • Low Impact Development principles (LID)
  • Porous Pavement for water recharge
  • Irrigate victory garden from roof drains that feed a cistern.
  • Use of goats to remove invasive species
  • High efficiency homes
  • Low HERS rating (around 30, which means uses less than 30% of energy used by Reference Home)
  • PV (solar panels) on every home and on common buildings to offset private and community electric cost. These systems are totally owned (not leased) by each home.
  • Drought-resistant landscape
  • Onsite water well for irrigation to reduce dependence on public water supply
  • Engineered lumber for floors, headers and beams
  • Open & Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation with high R rating exceeding Building Code
  • Low-Emissivity, double pane windows
  • Sustainable Exterior Decking and Siding material (Azek)
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)
  • Use Duct Mastic on all Duct Joints
  • Install Ductwork within conditioned space (except in the garage under area)
  • Thermal Comfort Design


  • Install Sealed combustion heating units
  • 16 SEER AC
  • AC with non-HCFC refrigerants
  • Install 96% AFUE Furnace
  • On demand tankless hot water heaters


  • Walk to commuter rail station to Boston
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Water Gardens
  • Nearby Trains
  • Walk to Town Center, Library and Shops

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